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Africana Studies Radio Program

The new internet radio program, "Africana Studies with Prof. Manu Ampim" is a program that airs on the network, Channel 5 Rainbow Soul. The station operates 24/7 and is an industry leader in progressive talk radio, as there are thousands of listeners in countries around the world.

The focus of "Africana Studies" is on various aspects of African & African American history and culture from the perspective of PRIMARY (first-hand) RESEARCH. "Africana Studies" airs on various days and times throughout the week.

To learn of the upcoming "Africana Studies" broadcast times, you can view the updated programming schedule on the "Forums" page.

If you would like to purchase audio tapes or CDs of previous "Africana Studies" programs, visit our eStore.

You can also join our email list to be informed of our upcoming publications, projects, programs, and primary research.

Click here to listen to the live BlakeRadio Rainbow Soul broadcast!

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