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Primary Research Course


Taught by Prof. Manu Ampim

The demand for our 7-Step Course in Historical Primary Research Methods has continued to increase with each class.

The 7-Step Primary Research Course is designed to:
  • Train you in the highest level of analysis
  • Assist you in answering your own questions about the world
  • Teach you to evaluate the quality and value of information about any historical subject
  • Guide you through skill and capacity building exercises
  • Empower you while engaging in critical dialogue about historical matters and issues, and
  • Give you the analytical tools to distinguish between email rumors and facts. NEW!
In this 7-Step Course you will learn the first-hand research tools and techniques of the top scholars, and you will never again look at books, documentaries, or presentations on Black culture in the same way. At the end of the course, your faculties of analysis will be finely tuned, as I will teach you many of the fundamental primary research techniques that I have been using for the past 21 years. You will receive personalized training, and I share insight from my global primary research experience.

ALTERNATIVE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE (for residents outside of California)

If you are interesting in building your skills and learning powerful primary research techniques, and you live outside of the Northern California area, no problem. You can take the classes through the 7-Step Primary Research Correspondence Course. The Correspondence Course allows you to develop your skills from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, and it is designed to fit into your schedule. You will receive a course booklet, and personalized training with Prof. Ampim. With each lesson you submit, you will receive comments, corrections, and insight from Prof. Ampim. Call or email to find out more details.

Advancing the work,

Prof. Manu Ampim

Prof. Manu Ampim is a historian and leading primary researcher on African and African American culture & history. He has conducted extensive first-hand research in 19 countries in Africana Studies. He is a professor of History and Africana Studies at Contra Costa College, and the Director of Advancing The Research, Oakland, CA.

Email: m,
Telephone: (510) 878-7279.