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Why Study African History

We study African history and culture because…

1. Self-knowledge is the basis (foundation) of self-identity and self-respect.
2. It establishes uniqueness and specialness. For example, Black people were the first people in the world, and gave birth to all other people. They created the first and some of the most profound civilizations in the world. No other races or ethnic groups can make these claims.
3. It should answer 3 basic questions: Who are we? Where are we? and What time is it for us?
4. It is the source for understanding society and the world. It explains current thought and behavior.
5. It is a corrective to myths and lies (e.g. Columbus “discovered” America, or the Greeks “invented” democracy, philosophy, and science).
6. It is a source of examples to follow.
7. It establishes human capacity, potentials, and possibilities. For example, Black people created pyramids, established the first laws and peaceful societies, organized religions/spiritual systems, created mathematics and advanced medical procedures, etc.
8. It identifies friends and enemies. It distinguishes between family and foe.


Prof. Manu Ampim