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Below are two excellent student book reviews that I chose to highlight because both pieces represent a very good and thorough review of an important book that I used for my recent African American male/female relationship course. Although I have had much experience in the area of relationships by gathering historical data and carefully studying the interaction of Black males and females in cities throughout the U.S., I had never been asked to teach a relationship course before.


In consulting with one of my colleagues, I took his advice and used as the course required text, Friends, Lovers, & Soul Mates: A Guide to Better Relationships Between Black Men and Women (1994) by Drs. Derek & Darlene Hopson. The Hopsons have written an excellent practical book that is designed for every African American: including married couples, engaged and dating couples, and single individuals, both those looking and not looking for a relationship.


Here are two book reviews of Friends, Lovers, & Soul Mates by two of my hardworking A students. I am sure that you will find their comments very thorough, as they both build much enthusiasm for this practical book.


Nezhia Burkes


Luther Monday




Prof. Manu Ampim

Spring 2004